In orbit around children

"Moonstruck Astronaut is a theatre company that stages plays for and with children and their communities that delight in unusual ideas. Our mission is to create performances that encounter life from a child’s open-minded perspective of wonder in order to foster intergenerational and intercultural friendship."

- Hannah de Quincey
Founder and Artistic Director

Wulf's Quest

Wulf's Quest 2015 was a public performance at the Potteries Museum, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September, 2015.

Audience members travelled back in time to the fifth century where King Wulf asked them to unite to save the Kingdom of Mercia from the tyranny of famine. The show was a unique family adventure where the audience were the heroes and solved timed challenges around the museum to save the Anglo-Saxons from starvation. Tasks included storytelling, visual, memory, physical and mental challenges with participants collecting as much gold as they could to save the kingdom.

Creative Team

Images of Morling and the Hoard

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Mel Firman, Susan Moffat and Adhia Mahmood at Borderlines, New Vic Theatre, Gemma Thomas and Kat Boon at Appetite, New Vic Theatre, John Kirk, Grethe Mangala Jensen, Kate Phillips, Richard O’Brien, Victoria Stent, Tina McDonald, Karen Jones,the Penkhull Mystery Plays Committee and Charles Pantin.